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The Kennels are all purpose built up to EU regulations. All walls and floors are insulated and have optional heating in all sleeping quarters. We have tried to make the kennels as much as possible a home from home, the indoor area is all tiled with sleep benches if required or if preferred the owner can bring in the dogs own bed and bedding.

The outside run is separated by a sliding hatch giving the dogs freedom to see what is going on outside. This is closed at night to prevent any draughts. All dogs have a covered outside run with a substantial overhang to give shade in the summer and protection from the wind and rain in the winter. Two dogs from the same family sharing a kennel qualify for a 10% discount off for both dogs providing there is enough room in the kennel.

Day Care
We offer day care for anyone that wants to go out for the day or regular day care for anyone that wants their dog/cat looked after while they are at work. We also offer a microchipping service. Also a collection and delivery service for animals in the Boarding Kennels and the Grooming Parlour which is available on request.

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