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Guided Tour

Built in 2006, the purpose built kennels (not just a converted barn) have insulated walls and floors and have optional heating in all sleeping quarters. We have tried to make the kennels as much as possible a home from home, the indoor area is all tiled with sleep benches if required or if preferred the owner can bring in the dogs own bed and bedding.

The Kennels are set in the middle of 250 acres of land which provides plenty of opportunities for walking on extended leads around the fields- we have no public roads close by which is ideal for the dogs to have plenty of exercise.

The Outside Run
The outside run is separated by a sliding hatch giving the dogs freedom to see what is going on outside. This is closed at night to prevent any draughts. All dogs have a covered outside run with a substantial overhang to give shade in the summer and protection from the wind and rain in the winter.

The Cattery
The Cattery is situated away from the main Kennels.

An Aerial View of the Kennels

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